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State e-Government Agency

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State e-Government Agency (SEGA) with the Council of Ministers has been established pursuant to the Electronic Governance Act (published in the State Gazette, Issue 50 of 2016). The Agency has been established as a juridical entity funded by the state budget, with headquarters in the city of Sofia. The Chairperson of the State e-Government Agency, determined by a Resolution of the Council of Ministers and appointed by the Prime Minister for a period of 5 years, shall be the primary budget administrator.

The agency shall be the successor of the “Electronic Governance” Directorate with the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications and the Executive Agency “Electronic Communication Networks and Information Systems.”

State e-Government Agency perform activities related to issuing and introducing control-related policies, rules, regulations and good practices in the field of electronic governance, strategic planning and initiatives, budget planning and control and coordinating sector-related policies. The Agency also maintain central registers to meet the electronic governance requirements and needs, other central registers, a state private cloud and communication network of the State Administration.

The Chairperson of the SEGA shall carry out the state policy in the following fields:

- Electronic Governance;

- Electronic Certification Services;

- Electronic Identification;

- Network and Information Security;

- Spatial Information Infrastructure;

- Public Sector related information in machine-processable open source code.

In carrying out the state policy in the fields referred to above, the Agency Chairperson shall perform the powers conferred on him pursuant to the Electronic Governance Act (EGA), the Electronic Identification Act (EIA), the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) and other acts or ordinances of the Council of Ministers.

Strategy on the Development of eGovernment in the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2014-2020

Electronic Government Act

STATE E-GOVERNMENT AGENCY ANNUAL REPORT 1 December 2016–31 December 2017