Republic of Bulgaria

State e-Government Agency

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Signaling and Providing Information:

Information related to illegal or improper actions or inactions, as well as actions which might give rise to doubts of corruption practices on parto of employees of the Electronic Governance State Agency, shall be possible to communicate in the following methods:

– Via e-mail:; 

- Phone: +359 (2) 949 2165/2364

– Through the Registry department of Electronic Governance State Agency located at 6 "Gen. Yosif V. Gurko” street, Sofia;

– POB located in the administrative building of the agency at 6 "Gen. Yosif V. Gurko” street, Sofia, ground floor, in the lobby of the Registry Department of EGSA;

– via regular mail, sending the letter to the agency address at 6 "Gen. Yosif V. Gurko” street, Sofia - 1000, addressed to the EGSA Inspectorate Manager;

– via the portal for sending signals and notifications related to corruption practices on the web-page of the National Anti-Corruption Policies Council -

The following data shall be provided when sending corruption related signals and notifications:

- Full names;

- Correspondence address;

- Contact phone;

- Data about the institutions already notified;

- email address.

Pursuant to the provisions of art. 111, para 4 of the Administrative Code of Procedures, no proceedings shall be commenced based on anonymous signals or signals related to violation committed more than two years prior to the date of the notification.



Following an analysis and evaluation of anonymous signals can be considered:

- signals or notifications received by mail, with full names of sender missing, correspondence address missing, is no signature has been affixed of the sender of such signal or notification;

- Signals and notifications sent via email, with full name and mailing address or contact phone missing;

Anonymous shall be considered signals and notifications, provided the agency Inspectorate has attempted and failed to establish contact with the respective senders in order to receive additional information or clarify certain aspects using the mailing addresses, email addresses or contact phones provided by such senders.

Signals and notifications sent repeatedly on an issue already resolved shall not be considered, unless related to the implementation of the resolution related to the issue, or based on new facts and circumstances.

A resolution shall be made within two months from registering a signal or a notification, whereof the respective sender shall be notified.

Signals shall contain sufficient information (preferably accompanied by copies of documents), evidencing the signal and/or notification of a violation committed, such evidences being related to violations committed by employees of the Electronic Governance State Agency.

Pursuant to the provisions of art. 108, para2 of the Administrative Procedures Code (APC), no one can be prosecuted for submitting a signal or a notification in conformity to the provisions of the APC.